Making a contribution here helps someone heal.  “Hart for Healing” raises funds for victims of sexual misbehavior. Victims access funds raised here to participate in counseling and professional support. They access funds by completing an application. This is particularly supportive to those who otherwise would not receive help due to financial challenges. When victims can access professional counseling help, discussion of healing matters can bring insight, ease pain and even help avoid further tragedies.  “Hart” stands for Help through art for healing victims.

Further Hart for Healing funds help individuals struggling with addictions whom need intensive counseling, thereby the funds aim to prevent future victims of sexual misbehavior. If you or someone you know needs help learning to manage sexual temptation, click here for a self-directed manual. 

The concept of this page is simple.

  • You select art you would like to have or make a donation without selecting art.
  • Your financial contribution for the art is protected in a non-profit 501 c3 bank account.
  • Victims are approved to have their counseling bills paid from the fund.
  • Art you select is mailed to you in 8  x 10 or 11 x 14 inch prints. You are responsible for framing. Or, you can order large 20 x 30 inch prints with gold or black 1 and 3/4 inch frames.

Art available here has been donated by artists willing to support this cause. Knowing you are making a contribution to heal someone, you can donate whatever amount you wish to pay for an art piece. There is no maximum limit. However, there is a minimum limit listed next to each art piece. The minimum price is required to enable printing and shipping of the art. More than the minimum amount is required for you to receive a personal tax deduction. Whatever your contribution, your help and support are greatly appreciated.

Again, all contributions made here are deposited into a monitored, audited and every penny accounted for bank account. A board of individuals supervises the correct use of the account. Except for the cost to print and mail the art and minor internet e-commerce transaction fees, the funds are used entirely for counseling to help victims heal or for counseling to prevent future victims. If you wish to mail a contribution without purchasing art, click here. Make the check payable to Hart for Healing.

As mentioned, a board of individuals supervises the correct use of funds in the account. They study requests for victims to use the account funds and make determinations on the use of the funds for victims based on the severity of the case, the severity of the need for counseling and the degree of financial need.