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The Hart for Healing Board of Directors would like to welcome all first time visitors to this site and thank our initial artists for the works they have shared. This site serves individuals in need of healing through professionals qualified to help people through difficult challenges. Sexual misbehavior wreaks havoc in the lives of those affected. That is why the art on this site is important. The art provided on this site contributes to finances that lead to healing. The initial artists that have contributed to this site thus far were kind enough to provide a few pieces to get the site started. We want to recognize them for their contribution and express our grattitude.

We are in need of more art to expand the offerings and make Hart for Healing more appealing. Please invite all excellent artists you know to consider donating an electronic image of their art. They can express interest to do this by emailing Thanks for contacting artists you know and for spreading the news of this charitable organization.

Finally, remember that even a donation of $1 makes a difference. Donations can be made on the site without purchasing art.

Hart for Healing Board of Directors

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