Thank You – Hart for Healing Continues Strong into the Year 2018

Thank you to all who have provided donations to Hart for Healing or purchased art. The generous contributions and purchases have supported many victims of sexual abuse. Hart for Healing continues strong into the year 2018 and continues to provide over 95% of all donations directly to the purpose to serve victims. The other 5% goes to the costs of the website and printing and shipping art. This is a great way to make a difference in the lives of those who have been abused. Please tell others about this opportunity to help victims of sexual abuse. Again, we thank you for your ongoing support.

Hart for Healing Secretary

Sheri Bothell

Victims Served

The Hart for Healing Board would like to thank all the supporters of Hart for Healing. It is with great satisfaction that the Board is pleased to announce that the first victims to use Hart for Healing funds are now participating in individual and group sessions to help them heal. This mother and daughter pair whose lives were devastated by sexual misbehavior will be participating in 14-15 sessions with competent, certified and qualified clinicians. With great appreciation the Board thanks all who have contributed to make this possible. The support this pair will receive will strengthen them emotionally, mentally, spiritually immediately and over time. Please help us spread the word about Hart for Healing. We want to continue to make funding available to those in need.

Artists Spotlight – Tom Holdman

Artists Spotlight – Tom Holdman

Tom was born to Floyd and Ann Holdman. He was raised in Orem Utah. A speech impediment caused Tom to struggle in many ways. He turned to art to sooth his soul and build relationships. He found he could speak to people through art. Overtime, he developed a belief that art is it’s own language.

To communicate verbally, Tom has to carefully focus his thoughts and make every word count. This practice of careful focus spills through to his art where he focuses his most important messages for others through inspiring, uplifting, faith building monumental art works. He makes beautiful art glass windows in hopes to inspire people to do wonderful things and to have faith.

Tom decided to build stain glass windows as a result of answered prayers while serving as a missionary in Dallas Texas. Tom’s first work of glass was for a private residence. His second piece showed that his talent was phenomenal. His second piece entitled Windows of the Imagination can be found in the Orem Public Library. Since then, Tom has created many stain glass windows. Among his favorite works are those found in the temples for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Anyone who would like to see his work up close may visit The Art Institute located at Thanksgiving Point – 3001 North Thanksgiving Way,  Lehi, UT 84043. To call for more information dial 801-766-4111. The Art Institute shop is open to the public. Also, you can learn more about his art at

Hart for Healing thanks Tom Holdman for inspiring the world and sharing his talent.


Hart for Healing Board


First Donations

Thank you to those who were the first to purchase on the site and the first to donate on the site. Thank you especially to Tawee for the $150.00 donation. The support is appreciated.

The Board of Directors will be determining soon the victim whom will be the first to benefit from the funds. The board becomes aware of those in need through the Life Changing Services Counseling Agency, through direct contacts with Hart for Healing or through the site itself. Decisions about whom can be blessed by the funds are made based on the severity of the case, the severity of the need for counseling and the degree of financial need. There are several cases being considered at this time.

Again, thanks to our first major supporters.

Merry Christmas to everyone!

Board of Directors

Thanks for Your Support

The Hart for Healing Board of Directors would like to welcome all first time visitors to this site and thank our initial artists for the works they have shared. This site serves individuals in need of healing through professionals qualified to help people through difficult challenges. Sexual misbehavior wreaks havoc in the lives of those affected. That is why the art on this site is important. The art provided on this site contributes to finances that lead to healing. The initial artists that have contributed to this site thus far were kind enough to provide a few pieces to get the site started. We want to recognize them for their contribution and express our grattitude.

We are in need of more art to expand the offerings and make Hart for Healing more appealing. Please invite all excellent artists you know to consider donating an electronic image of their art. They can express interest to do this by emailing Thanks for contacting artists you know and for spreading the news of this charitable organization.

Finally, remember that even a donation of $1 makes a difference. Donations can be made on the site without purchasing art.

Hart for Healing Board of Directors