Self-Directed Manual

Self-Directed Manual – Charity for Sinners

Thanks to advances in technology and lax societal norms, sexually explicit material and related temptations are available everywhere, anytime, to anyone. Individuals are becoming susceptible at a younger age, and few families have escaped the growing challenge of pornography. The purpose of Charity for Sinners is to lift, encourage, train, and provide the principles that, when applied, give individuals the strength to manage thoughts, regulate emotions, live spiritually, create true love, and increase gratitude for and faith in the Savior and God. Readers will be guided as they develop the mental and emotional skills to resist temptation and to allow healing from heaven above.

This work is organized as a manual with focus questions and suggested activities, allowing readers to pace themselves on a self-directed course of improvement. Author Tim Bothell has defined principles that can deliver individuals from habits that keep them captive and block them from developing true love. Charity for Sinners will increase your hope for forgiveness, build your confidence, and teach you how to resist and overcome temptation.

Brent Ward, Former U.S. Attorney for Utah said, “Tim Bothell has written an exceptional and highly useful volume for anyone in the grip of pornography who has a deep-enough desire to get out of it. It is startling that outside of helpful Conference talks and the scriptures themselves, there is no tangible guide that can help to overcome this addiction, which Elder M. Russell Ballard called the most difficult of all addictions to break, and ‘a terrible plague that is spreading across the world.’ Bothell’s book is a valuable aid to faith that will help in the struggle for healing.”

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